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We are experts at clearly defining your value proposition, so you get the interviews, direct approaches or business you truly desire.

We create premium quality resumes for energy and resources professionals that clearly define their value proposition, so they get the interviews they truly desire.

Horizon Resume Solutions writes the highest quality resumes in Australia, most specifically for energy and resource profesisonals in the oil and gas, mining and minerals processing, civil infrastructure and renewable energy sectors, but for many others as well. Our expertise has been gained through 18.5 years of senior in-house and agency recruitment experience on a global scale, and 8 years of full-time resume writing for the energy and resources sector.

Your resume is one of the most important personal documents you’ll ever own, and it’s undoubtedly one of the most difficult and time-consuming to master. Creating a high performing resume; one that gets you more call-backs or interviews is an art form, and when the competition’s high it’s an art form you need to conquer.

We are the best quality resume writer in Australia for:

C-Suite executive resumes, senior and middle management resumes, offshore (OIM, DOCM, bell diving supervisor, marine engineer, ROV technician etc.) resumes, engineering and trades resumes (all disciplines), graduate resumes, construction resumes, commissioning resumes, maintenance resumes, TAR/shutdown resumes, process/production technician resumes, operator/maintainer resumes, rope access, crane operator, rigger and scaffolder resumes, contracts and procurement resumes, project management resumes, project controls resumes, land access resumes, QA/QC resumes, ESG resumes, HSSE resumes, HR resumes, administration resumes, and more!

Our understanding of highly technical and specialised roles, combined with many years’ experience in the hands-on implementation, usage and management of the biggest and best ATS’s (Applicant Tracking Systems) in the world, actually inside Tier 1 energy and resources companies, is a key point of difference. Additionally, we have spent a large amount of time on Upstream CSG (from wellsites to underground gathering systems to FCS’s and CPP’s), alumina refining, and bauxite, coal and gold mining and processing sites, walking lines with superintendents to understand plant, equipment, systems and process. This combined with our many years in internal/in-house recruitment roles and impeccable formatting standards mean the content and presentation of your resume is of the highest quality possible.

Our ethos is to exceed the service expectations of everyone we work with. We’ve helped thousands of energy and resource professionals transform their resume to levels of professionalism they didn’t know existed, and that provide a new lease of confidence in their abilities because they’ve never seen their talents written with so much clarity and confidence. We’d love to do the same for you.

Don’t just take our word for it though. Here’s some of the reviews from clients that have realised tangible value for their career and financial goals by using our resume writing services.

We create premium quality Cover Letters for energy and resources professionals that clearly define their value proposition, so they get the interviews they truly desire.

They key purpose of a cover letter is to introduce and persuade. It should be a highly targeted and succinct business communication, not an essay overloaded with buzzwords. An easy way to disengage a recruiter or hiring manager is to submit a cover letter that is too longwinded. Such a letter can easily create a negative perception right from the get-go.

Horizon Resume Solutions is a specialist provider of cover letter writing services. Through 18.5 years of senior in-house and agency recruitment experience, and 8 years of dedicated writing for the energy and resources sector, we know how to create cover letters that assist in getting you call-backs and interviews.

Anyone requiring a highly professional cover letter to address specific criteria can benefit from our services. You can also refer to our article on creating high quality cover letters.

We create premium quality LinkedIn Profiles for energy and resources professionals that clearly define their value proposition, so they get the approaches by recruiters that they truly desire.

What is your brand and is your LinkedIn Page getting you found?

Across our 18.5 years of international recruitment experience, and 8 years of writing the best LinkedIn pages for energy and resources professionals that money can buy, we’ve seen dramatic changes in how recruiters find and attract talent. LinkedIn has undoubtedly become one of the most used online platforms for recruiters searching for talent. A high-quality LinkedIn profile with keyword optimised content is critical for anyone wanting to be directly approached for new career opportunities.

There aren’t many recruiters that don’t use LinkedIn to search for talent, as it can greatly reduce their cost per hire and time to fill. They mostly use keyword searches, so a keyword optimised LinkedIn page is essential to help you come up at the top of their searches. And when they see your page and find polished presentation, positive perceptions can be easily created, which can increase the chance of being presented job opportunities that you didn’t even know about.

Also, when you make a job application, your resume may be cross-referenced with your LinkedIn page to check for inconsistencies, especially in dates and titles. Any inconsistencies can easily raise a red flag for the recruiter, so your LinkedIn must accurately reflect key information from your resume.

With +875 million members and +58 million registered companies, LinkedIn is by far the largest professional networking site in the world, and if used correctly it’s an exceptional platform for initiating and developing business relationships within your areas of professional interest.

Horizon Resume Solutions is a specialist provider of LinkedIn profiling and page content services. We’ve worked with LinkedIn since 2003 so we are an expert user, and we know how to make your LinkedIn page shine to your best advantage.

That’s not all we do!

Our services are for individuals and business operators in the energy and resources sectors.

From intensive one to one interview coaching to writing exceptional technical content for Websites, Position Descriptions or Capability Statements that support your business growth goals, Horizon Resume Solutions is the best in the business.

Energy and Resource Professionals

We provide premium quality Interview Coaching for energy and resources professionals that give them clarity and confidence, so they nail their interviews and get the roles they truly desire.

Getting an interview is one thing, but nailing the interview is something else entirely, and it’s a skill that needs to be learned. Chris Cannard (our Owner) is a certified “DDI Targeted Selection Administrator,” which means he’s professionally trained in behavioural-based interviewing techniques using STAR (Situation, Task, Action and Result) questions to ascertain real-life examples of candidate backgrounds. He’s trained teams and individual recruiters in Rio Tinto, QGC and Origin Energy, and he’s personally conducted thousands of interview throughout his career.

Chris can provide you 1on1 training sessions (delivered contact free i.e. phone, Zoom, MS Teams etc.) to teach you how to answer those STAR questions, and others, that so many interviewees fail on. Our clients find that within just 3 or 4 hours, they have learned the skills to help them walk into interviews much more confident, and nail the interviews to get offers for the roles they truly desire. There’s no denying, being able to nail interviews will greatly increase your career prospects and earning capabilities, and once you’ve learned it, you’ll never forget it.

Horizon Resume Solutions

We provide premium quality Website Content and Capability Statement writing for engineering, construction, project management, projects controls, and HSE contractors and consultants that clearly define their experience and capabilities, so they get the business they truly desire.

Our level of technical industry expertise, combined with the industry relationships we’ve built over many years has resulted in us writing premium quality content, including detailed Capability Statements and key employee profiles/bio’s for company websites.

We work collaboratively to ensure we fully understand your target markets and the suite of capabilities and services you offer, then write it all up beautifully. We can then help you turn all that great content over to our partner Website Designer Not Mine Not Yours (who created the very website your reading now) to actually create the website that reflects you and your business.

We’ve written full websites with exceptional results achieved, and we can do the same for you.

Horizon Resume Solutions

We provide premium quality Leadership Team Profiles for tender submissions, so our clients get the business development opportunities they truly desire.

Whether it’s a tender for a Tier 1 mining or oil and gas company such as FMG, Rio Tinto, BHP, INPEX, Chevron, Shell or other, or an EPCM such as Monadelphous, Bechtel, UGL or other, we can write 1-page profiles for any or all members of your Leadership Team.

Ensuring your leaders are profiled with honesty and integrity is key, but there should be a flair behind it so that it is engaging for your audience. We’ve written full resume and 1-page bio’s for C-Suite Executives, MD’s, VP’s, Regional GM’s, BU Managers, Engineering Managers, and more. We work collaboratively to fully understand the experience and positions your leaders hold, and ensure the core value proposition they bring to your target audience is expertly identified and explained.

Horizon Resume Solutions

We write premium quality Position Descriptions that clearly define role deliverables, so your employees have clarity of responsibilities and expectations.

Whether it’s a C-Suite Executive, Line Manager, Superintendent, Supervisor, Engineer, Tradesperson, Production Technician, Operator/Maintainer Crane Operator, Rigger, Scaffolder, Project Manager, Contracts Administrator, Procurement Officer, Planner/Scheduler, Estimator, HSSE Advisor, QA/QC Inspector, Land Access Advisor, HR Advisor, or something else, we’ve got you covered.

Our industry expertise combined with our high-level technical knowledge will ensure that your PD’s provide the utmost of clarity for your workforce planning and recruitment activities, and that your staff and contractors fully understand their roles and responsibilities from the get-go.

An expert Position Description writer can be worth their weight in gold to your organisation, saving you a huge amount of time on a task that many HR professionals find extremely mundane. So let us take that weight off your shoulders! We’ll work with you collaboratively, and we have no doubt that you’ll be genuinely surprised by the additions we can make through our vast technical knowledge.

What our clients say...

"There are not enough words to describe my appreciation to Chris for the excellent work he achieved on modifying my CV, rarely these days do you come across someone who is talented at both the big picture ideas and executing the small detail. I was delighted with the presentation and especially appreciated his suggested modifications, the extra time and effort he put into the document including my cover letter and LinkedIn profile were certainly worth it.

Chris builds strong relationships and ensures successful outcomes in a professional and timely manner I was particularly impressed with continual communication throughout the process something I have never had before in revamping my CV the final outcome was awesome so much so that on finalisation of my cover letter and CV and submitting to four advertised positions in my field I was invited to the whole four interview's and successfully signed a wonderful contract.

I believe strongly this came about by Chris highlighting my strengths and experiences and covering all aspects of my qualifications in my field. Chris has gone way above my expectations in completing my cover letter and resume not to mention my now professional LinkedIn profile that matches all my documentation, I have no hesitation in highly recommending Chris to one and all for the professional delivery of resume writing services. Thanks Chris"

Raymond Pearce - Senior Cranes & Rigging SME Supervisor, UGL

"I was so happy with my resume update I had an extra version written to target different industries and had my linkedin profile updated to tie them both in.

Very professional, prompt, with free interview coaching and industry insight thrown in. Satisfied customer."

Jason de Plater - Lift Installation Fitter & Trade Qualified Fitter & Machinist - Energy, Resources & Manufacturing

"From the initial consultation right through until the finished product the professionalism, knowledge and attention to detail shown by Chris has been second to none.

I gave him a rough self-made resume and what came back from him far exceeded my expectations and the quality far exceeded any resume I've seen. I would recommend Horizon Recruitment Solutions to anybody, thanks again Chris."

Dan Foster - Instrument Technician, Energy & Resources

"I found Chris to well versed in the creation of the criteria specific CV he compiled for me.

Even though I knew my achievements & qualifications, Chris manage to compile a clearly descriptive text that accurately captured this in an easy to read compact format that I can present for opportunities & there becoming a valuable asset to my business & career prospects."

Anthony Peterson - SMP & Civil Construction Superintendent

"I engaged Chris to review and re-write my resume. I was very impressed with Chris work, he showed a great deal of knowledge in the oil and gas sector and the final product was very professional.

Chris exceeded my expectations in all respects and his fee was well worth it."

Simon Smith - Senior Contracts Engineer

"Great service, efficient and professional. The knowledge and experience Chris has in the industry definitely show when you read the final document. Highly recommended."

Ben O'Connell - Senior Process and Production Technician

"I found Chris's manner and approach to potential clients exemplary. He does not force people to use his services, rather, he makes recommendations to potential clients on their resumes. His "makeover" of my resume was excellent, and his understanding and technical history makes him one of the "go to" people for anyone in the engineering field looking to spruce up their resume."

Jay Haripersad - Plant Maintenance & Operations Engineer - Energy & Resources

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