“Within 1 day of receiving my new resume (from Horizon Recruitment Solutions), I applied for 3 positions and received 3 phone calls within 2 hours!!” That has to be some kind of record!!!

Thank you Bradley Maddaford for the great recommendation you provided. You have excellent skills and experience and any company would be exceptionally lucky to have you.

I’ve also received other recommendations from happy clients over the last few weeks, so thank you to Stephen Lamb, Catherine Knuckey, Daniel Stetco and Adam Ruff.

Since returning to running Horizon Resume Solutions full-time I’ve been inundated with resume, cover letter, LinkedIn and website content re-writes, and am now fully booked for October, but am now taking bookings for November. So whether you need a new resume, cover letter or LinkedIn page, or website content, business capability statement and/or leadership profile/s for a tender, now is the time to get quoted and booked in.

Horizon Recruitment Solutions: Creating premium quality resumes, cover letters, LinkedIn profiles and website content for energy and resources professionals that clearly define their value proposition, so they get the interviews and business they truly desire!

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